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The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce is the primary Government body responsible for tourism and private sector development. For many years, tourism was the second largest export sector for Guyana, before the discovery of oil and gas reserves. Guyana’s nascent Oil and Gas industry has propelled the country’s economic growth and development, being recorded among the fastest-growing economies for the last few years. 

Critically, the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce is mandated to ensure that the economy is aptly diversified with investments in all sectors especially in Tourism to ensure sustainable growth by preventing dependence on Oil and Gas.  

The Ministry’s core responsibility is to nurture a business-friendly environment, through the creation of policies, development and amendment of legislation and the implementation of other programs and initiatives.  

- Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce


To formulate and provide an effective mechanism for the implementation, evaluation and improvement of policies, the aim of which will be to facilitate economic and social improvement through coordinating actions in the areas of Commerce, Tourism, Industrial Development and Consumer Protection


The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce Overarching Goal for 2022 is ‘to promote economic growth and improve social welfare through the safeguarding of Guyana’s sustainable Business and Tourism sectors.


This overarching goal governs several objectives which are listed below:

  • Improve the ease of doing business.
  • Attract increased foreign investments.
  • Support the development and export of value-added industries.
  • Increase the economic opportunities and capabilities of vulnerable groups.
  • Expand the capacity to develop and promote sustainable business –friendly policies.
  • Increased tourist visitation, expenditure, satisfaction, length of stay, employment and investment in tourism.
  • Develop and streamline sustainable tourism products.

Hon. Oneidge Walrond
Minister of Tourism, Industry & Commerce
Mrs. Sharon Roopchand-Edwards
Permanent Secretary