Department of Commerce

Promote sustainable investment, trade and the ease of doing business

Agency Overview

The Department of Commerce was mandated to ‘promote the attraction of sustainable investment, trade and the ease of doing business through licensing and trade policy formulation and implementation. The Department encourages investment and the ease of doing business through private sector engagement. It is recognized that by liaising with the business community and respective Chambers and gaining knowledge of the conditions under which they operate, appropriate policy recommendations can be made to create an enabling environment for businesses to grow.

In order to facilitate trade, the Department, through its Licensing Section, has committed to issuing import and export licenses within 24 hours in accordance with the Trade Act Cap. 91:01 and the Official Gazette of 1996. There is no cost attached to the processing of licenses. 


Promote sustainable investment, trade and the ease of doing business


The Department is responsible for the issuance of import and export licences in accordance with the Trade Act Cap 91:01 and the Official Gazette (1996). All the items therein are considered controlled items and therefore must be endorsed by the relevant regulatory agencies.

Help Desk Service Center
The Department holds responsibility for the operation of a Help Desk which is aimed at offering tailored advice to businesses and investors. The number to our Help Desk is +592 225 0999.
National Business Confidence Index

As of 2018, the Department holds responsibility for the compilation and publication of the National Business Confidence Index – which is an indication of the level of optimism or pessimism the business community has of the economy. The survey is conducted annually in all ten administrative regions and the data is used to guide policy decisions at the Ministry.

Private Sector Outreach

In order to gain a better understanding of the issues facing the private sector, the Department visits all Regional Chambers and their members each year to identify issue affecting the conduct of business so that policy recommendations and remedial actions can be taken.

Business Registration Hubs

The Department established and now operates three business registration hubs in Regions 6, 8 and 9. Since their establishment in 2018, 486 businesses became registered.

Training to Businesses

The Department, in order to support businesses and promote sustainability, offers training to businesses through the Regional Chambers in the areas of sales, marketing, standardization and soon to come, accounting procedures. In 2019, 96 businesses received personalised training in these areas.

Fact Sheets on Trade Agreements
In order to build awareness and encourage businesses to take advantage of the provisions in Guyana’s standing trade agreements, the Department analyzes and simplifies these agreements and publishes these as fact sheets so that businesses that capitalize on the existing (and under utilized) opportunities inherent in these agreements.
Trade Facilitation Councils
Together with the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Department seeks to encourage trade with other countries via representation on a number of councils namely Cuba and India.
Promoting the ease of doing business
The Department supports the Ministry’s dedication toward improving the ease of doing by assisting in identifying areas where improvements can be made and coordinating efforts so that remedial actions can be taken. This is in direct support of the Ministry’s Business and Strategic Policy Unit.
Policy Support to the Ministry
Given its role in the various strategic areas of the Ministry, the Department plays a critical role in supporting its policy decisions especially in the areas of trade facilitation and private sector matters.