Scrap Metal Unit

Strengthening Regulatory Framework for International Best Practices

Agency Overview

Over an era the Scrap Metal Trade has provided viable business opportunities for a number of small and micro enterprises in Guyana. The Trade contributes to the accomplishment of some of the country’s socio-economic objectives as envisioned in the policy of the Government which includes employment creation and trade promotion. Notwithstanding these benefits, there are many issues that have been raised by stakeholders relating to procurement, pricing, and the marketing and distribution of scrap metal that continue to impasse the development of this Trade in Guyana. The development of this Scrap Metal new Legislation is, therefore, an attempt to introduce new regulatory measures to govern the Industry. Specifically, the Legislation seeks to provide the framework that will ensure greater compliance with trade requirements, registration and other issues to ensure maintainable development of this Trade.


The overall objective of the Scrap Metal Unit is to strengthen the regulatory framework, taking into account international best practices and unique national circumstances, in order to adequately address the problems plaguing the Scrap Metal Trade Industry.


The goal of the Scrap Metal Unit (SMU) is to monitor and regulate the scrap metal trade.

The Trade helps to increase foreign exchange while creating jobs, both directly and indirectly. It also improves and preserves the environment, which aligns with the Government’s Low Carbon Development Strategy.

Purpose of the Department

To register and provide business support to Scrap Metal Traders in keeping with the objectives of a ‘clean’ trade.


  • Registering different categories of persons/agencies involved in the trade.
  • Registration of Scrap Metal Yards/Loading Sites and Equipment.
  • Monitor the acquisition of Scrap Metal – ensuring it is legitimately acquired and properly transported.
  • Ensuring the installation; and then monitor the CCTV 24 hour’s surveillance of scrap metal yards.
  • Monitor the loading of containers for export, along with other Government Agencies, to ensure that illicit
  • goods – namely narcotics are not shipped.
  • Acquiring and storage of CCTV footage of every loading activity.


How do I register to become a Dealer/Exporter?
Send us an email at expressing your interest and we will advise you of the steps to take.

Are there any fees for registration?
Yes, there are fees for the different categories of registration.

What are the different categories of registration?
Currently we have:
1. Dealer/Exporter
2. Exporter (only)
3. Collector
4. User
5. Motor Salvage Operator
6. Scrap Metal Yards
7. Temporary Loading Sites
8. Special Equipment