The Department of Consumer Affairs

Know Your Consumer Rights

Agency Overview

The department now the Department of Consumer Affairs, since the establishment of the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission and the passage of the Consumer Affairs Act 2011, the DCA has sought to adjust the outputs of the division. The activities of the division have now been centered on consumer awareness in collaboration with all the affiliated consumer agencies with responsibility for consumer protection, namely: the Guyana National Bureau of Standards, the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission, Food and Drugs, Analyst Department and Consumer Advisory Bureau.

Mission Statement

To vigorously promote consumer interests through Policy guidelines and appropriate legislation in an attempt to minimize conflict and to create a consumer-friendly environment

Vision Statement

To be an efficient, effective and dynamic consumer body that adequately addresses the concerns of all stakeholders

Areas of Work

The Department of Consumer Affairs is the consumer protection and advocacy arm of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce. The Department is charged with the responsibility to safeguard the economic interests of consumers through the following areas:

  • Consumer Protection – which extends protection to the whole population and therefore benefits people who have not been able to assert their own rights.
  • Consumer Education – which is an important part of the education and lifelong learning that all people receive. By giving consumers the skills and knowledge, they require to be active participants in the marketplace, it plays an important role in challenging the marginalization of people and allowing them to make informed choices.
  • Empowerment – Which directly supports the demand side of the economy and is fundamental to achieving efficient and equitable economic growth. The ability of consumers to exercise informed choice, reward good manufacturers and retailers and seek redress when standards have not been met, creates the drivers for a more responsive and efficient economy.

The DCA through its two core sections: Education and Research function in the capacity of ensuring consumers are educated on their rights and responsibilities in relation to the Consumer Affairs Act 2011, World Consumer Rights Day activities and  other consumer related issues. 

In order to ensure consumers are more vigilant and educated about their rights and responsibilities, both the research and education section of the department rely on the information acquired through research and consumer interaction to formulate education programmes.



  1.  What is the purpose of the department? – The Department of Consumer Affairs seeks to educate consumers on their rights and responsibilities as consumers.

2.  What are my rights as a consumer? – As a consumer your rights are:

  • Right to basic needs
  • Right to safety.
  • Right to choose.
  • Right to be informed.
  • Right to consumer education.
  • Right to be heard.
  • Right to Seek redressal.
  • Right to a healthy environment.

3. Is it a requirement for me to pay for a warranty on an electrical item?– No, you are not required to pay for warranty on electrical items, unless you need an extension.

4. What is the process to lodge a complaint? – Contact the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission(CCAC) at or telephone number 291-4411 – 13 and speak with a consumer affairs representative. Be prepared to present a written statement of the problem. A complaint can only be considered if it is in writing. – Bring proof of transaction, i.e., receipts, contracts, notes, etc. – Bring any other information that will be helpful in explaining your case,    pictures, videos, etc.

5. What information should I look for before making a purchase? – Before making a purchase, you should be sure to check the following information: the origin, brand, price, expiry dates, care, terms, components, contents, hazards, proper use, assembly, installation, weight, and size (dimensions) of those goods where applicable.